Strategy Development

We develop complete marketing strategies for our clients, spanning traditional and digital marketing elements.

Based on your business objectives, we agree key marketing and public relations goals with you. Next, we outline a path to help your business achieve them. We can also work with your in-house marketing team, be it as an adviser or in a support capacity, and provide you with the most suitable tools to build your own marketing strategy.

You don’t need to be an expert – whilst there are a few technical terms involved in the process, we’re more than happy to explain everything in plain English.

Strategic marketing process – what usually happens

As individual as marketing strategies are, the process of developing them includes similar stages. It all starts with a thorough analysis of your business using techniques like:

  • Analysis of key issues
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Service Journey
  • Customer Segmentation

In real life, this means asking a lot of questions. Having found the answers to these, both your and our team will have a good idea of where you would like the business to be. Knowing this will help formulate your business and marketing objectives. In turn, these will become the basis of both marketing strategy and promotional planning.