Email Marketing

A direct and measurable approach to communicating with your customers, email marketing remains a favourite promotional tool

Email marketing has been a successful and popular marketing tool for many of our clients. It’s flexible, fairly straight forward to set up and maintain – and it will grow with your business.

With the advent of social media, the classic email newsletter has changed its format but not lost its importance. On the contrary, being able to connect your social media content directly to your customers’ inbox can benefit both.

As marketers, we have found that email marketing can help draw your email marketing audiences to your social media content and vice versa. It simply creates more opportunities to communicate with your audiences.

Another advantage of email marketing is its measurability. It’s easy to see which part of your audience has received an email, opened it, visited any websites linked to it, and you can directly measure any sales generated from it. All email marketing is permission-based, meaning your audience agrees to receive information from you.

We can help create an email marketing presence for you, ensure it fulfils all data protection requirements, grow and manage your contacts as well as research interesting content you want to share with your audience.