Good copy can leave lasting imprints on the reader (as can bad copy!) and isn’t as easy to produce as you think. Every platform, subject and audience requires a unique approach. From press releases, opinion pieces, web copy and social media posts, they are all part of how copywriting shapes your public voice.

Whether it is a press release announcing your new product, a new menu or service to be launched, an exclusive feature or a media invitation, the key to writing successful  copy is having a strong story to tell,  getting to the point across and sticking to the facts.

For the media 

As experienced PRs with successful media relationships spanning many years we know now to write powerful and engaging media copy. With some of our team having trained and worked in journalism we know how to approach and write for journalists, making it easy for them to pick up and follow your story.

For brochures and other marketing materials 

Whether it is a one-off flyer or a lavish brochure, we start with a creative concept, the ‘big idea’ that will sell your product or service. Working closely with graphic design partners and with your business goals in mind, we let the words flow from there.

For websites

Copywriting for websites involves more than words. Visitors to your website are not just reading, they are navigating, looking at images and often searching for information.

Good website copy is a bit like a sat-nav, leading from one part to the next and creating connections without holding up your web visitors. We ensure your website copy is filled with the right search engine optimisation terms relevant to your business, to ensure your website is more likely to be found by the right visitors.

We are highly experienced at writing effective copy for both brand new websites and expanding (or cutting back) existing pages. As copywriters, we are happy to collaborate with your web designer or link you to one of our trusted partners. We have written successful website copy for a number of clients.