Media Relations

One of the classic tools of PR, media relations comprises a large part of our work at Niche Works.

The media landscape, both in the UK and abroad, continues to change fast, with online media growing extensively and traditional newspapers, magazines and broadcasters looking to find new audiences online.

This has created numerous new opportunities that are especially accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. We help you make the most of those without forgetting about traditional media. After all, kicking back with a cup of coffee and the Sunday papers or a glossy magazine is still popular!

The key to successful media relations is a compelling story, and every business has its own unique story to tell. Niche Works helps you focus your own story and tell it to the right audience, gaining significant media coverage and making a difference to your bottom line in the process.

Our extensive network of media contacts throughout Scotland and the UK includes general consumer, travel, food, hospitality, business, lifestyle, property and health media both online and in print & broadcast. We also work closely with industry and trade publications.

We can help build not only the profile of your organisation but also that of key individuals within the company by presenting them as knowledgeable media contacts for interviews or presenting opinion pieces.