Collaborative Marketing

Some of the best marketing and public relations campaigns have been partnerships. At Niche Works, we are highly experienced at selecting the right partner for your business and negotiating an alliance that benefits both parties.

Why should you team up? Because there’s no doubting the benefits such as gaining access to new target or niche audiences that may be hard to contact directly. By contacting customers who already have an affinity to one brand, you are speaking to an audience that’s more open to your messages because they trust your partner.

What’s important is that the two businesses, their brands and target markets really fit to allow both to benefit from the partnership.

Recent examples of successful alliances we have created are:

  • Bringing Edinburgh's Multrees Walk to Aberdeen - hosted by client, The Chester Hotel, for a one day fashion and retail event
  • Collaboration of five star The Chester Residence and gourmet steak restaurant Kyloe Restaurant & Grill for inclusion in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine
  • A charity fashion show for restaurant The Living Room in Edinburgh, teamed with West End boutique Sam Brown
  • High-end luxury hotel and spa partnership between Cringletie House Hotel and Stobo Castle, Scottish Borders
  • Competition prize for Cullen Property’s Property Investor Show presence by The Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh

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