Marketing & Media Training

We offer bespoke workshops and training sessions covering key marketing and PR concepts as well as hands-on skills.

Ideal for smaller businesses where marketing is possibly part of a job description rather than a full-time position, these sessions allow your staff to grow their skills, catch up on the latest industry developments and offer a sounding board.

Sessions can be arranged for individuals or groups, either as a one-off or as a way of providing regular support.

What will you learn? Depends on what you’d like to know more about! As Chartered Marketers (CIM) and Members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), we base all of our training on a scientific approach, but don’t worry – you won’t feel like you’re back at school.

Training can cover:

  • Understanding of the marketing planning process
  • Identifying your marketing objectives and creating a road map to achieving them
  • Planning specific marketing activities, i.e. for a product launch
  • Managing social media outlets
  • Generating media interest
  • Copywriting
  • Speaking to the media

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